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NADRA Jobs July 2022 Karachi Advertisement

NADRA Jobs July 2022 Karachi Advertisement

NADRA Jobs July 2022 Karachi Advertisement

The National Database and Registration Authority, NADRA, is looking for talented people with relevant degrees from HEC-recognized institutes. Orienting your resume and setting your priorities properly are important for the recruitment process. If you are interested in working in this government organization, here are some tips to get you started. You will be able to receive handsome salaries and a lot of job opportunities.

NADRA is a national database and registration authority

As an initiative of the government to register citizens and companies, NADRA developed an ordinance to lay down the framework for registering individuals and companies. The government provided seed money for the initiative on loan. As the government grew and expanded its network of centers, NADRA took on more responsibility. Now, the organization provides health insurance, subsistence allowances, and public health programs. Future generations will use the database to design and implement new programs.

The system also empowered minorities. For example, it allowed the recording of Hindu marriages through mukhis and the acceptance of Christian baptism certificates. It also allowed Pakistan to become the first Muslim country to allow eunuchs to declare their identity. This led to equal voter registration for all minorities. As a result, more than 1.3 million Hindus and 1.2 million Christians are registered, in addition to 50,000 Sikhs, Parsis, and Buddhists. It also allowed for the registration of Jews and other minorities.

The agency is also focusing on identifying and removing socio-cultural barriers that prevent citizens from registering. One example is the emergence of an integrated identity management system where all the evidence of an individual’s identity is recorded. This approach is ideal for a national ID system, as it would allow civil registration and passports to stem from a single source of truth. A unified identity truth would save government money and enable service providers to deliver these services directly to individuals.

In 1998, the Nawaz Sharif government began a door-to-door census across Pakistan. The army was instrumental in conducting the census. In 1999, the NDO and Directorate General of Registration Pakistan were considered merger candidates. By merging both institutions, the army was able to get the census data computerized. In 2000, the NDO and DGR merged, and NADRA was created. The agency also launched a program for the Multi-Biometric National Identity Card, which replaced the outdated paper-based Personal Identity System in Pakistan.

It is a government organization that collects all citizen data in Pakistan

All citizens in Pakistan are subject to biometric data collection by the NADRA. This includes fingerprints, iris scans, and photographs. This data is stored on a microchip in the card and links to a centralized database located in Islamabad, known as the Data Warehouse. The information is linked to over three hundred and thirty-six private and public services in Pakistan. The privacy rights of Pakistanis are at risk due to this process.

The collection of data is made possible thanks to Pakistan’s Electronic Communications Act, which allows officials to access any type of electronic communication. The law allows the government to access emails, text messages, and telephone calls. The government can also access data in any other form of electronic communication if an official has’reason to believe’ that the citizen is ‘associated with’ or ‘in the process of planning’ a crime under Pakistani law.

As a result, the privacy and safety of citizens in Pakistan have been put at risk. The centralized databases are used against people who do not fit the state’s definition of a model citizen. This includes ethnic minorities, women, and working-class populations. Furthermore, there are no legal safeguards for the information. It is unclear who has access to the information that is collected.

Before the Mansour debacle, there was an underground market in the data that the government had collected. For example, in 2014, the definition of “parent” for orphans was loosed so that the head of the orphanage could be a legal guardian. In 2017, NADRA clarified its policy with respect to the “khwaja sirah” community, allowing community leaders to appear as parents on CNICs.

It offers handsome salaries

NADRA is a well-established department in the government sector offering attractive salaries and perks to its employees. Apart from handsome salaries, NADRA offers many other benefits to its employees such as career growth and personal development. Aside from these, NADRA Karachi also provides the opportunity for women to enter the industry. The job profile includes a variety of different functions, which can further be used to improve their career prospects.

The salaries for directors general at NADRA Karachi range from Rs210,074 to Rs898,439 per month and house rent allowances ranging from Rs37,452 to Rs181,451. It is noteworthy that there are no extraordinary qualifications required for the post. Three of them are basic graduates and a few hold degrees in irrelevant disciplines. The technology director Zulfiqar Ali, for example, has a master’s degree in computer science. Despite his modest credentials, he earns a handsome Rs403,225 per month.

Several groups are underrepresented in the department, but NADRA has been willing to make accommodations for them. In 2014, NADRA relaxed its definition of “parent” in the case of orphans. In 2017, NADRA clarified its policy with regard to the “khwaja sirah” community. Community leaders are allowed to appear as parents on CNICs. The position offers excellent salaries and perks.

The salary of the senior officers is one of the biggest draws of this job. As the country’s top government agency, NADRA pays handsome salaries to its employees. While NADRA pays handsome salaries to its employees, its legal status is still unclear. However, if you are looking for a job in the field of law, NADRA can offer you a lucrative salary. In Karachi, the salary is quite attractive for an entry-level position.

It has a lot of job openings

NADRA is currently hiring for various posts. If you want to join their team, here are the details about the job opportunities. The jobs are for a minimum of six months. You should have good communication skills, a strong educational background, and relevant experience in the same field. If you are interested in a position in NADRA, then you should prepare your resume accordingly.

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is a government organization which is responsible for registering and maintaining the biometric information of every resident of Pakistan. With offices across the country, it has an extensive workforce of professionals. It recruits new graduates, experts, and experienced employees from different fields. Various job positions are available in Karachi and other cities of the country. To apply, you should follow the instructions mentioned in the advertisement notice. You must carry the original documents along with the certified copies. You must bring your residence proof as well.

If you want to join the NADRA office in Karachi, there are various job opportunities for you to choose from. You can apply for positions as Junior Executive, Deputy Assistant Director, and more. You should have relevant education and experience to apply for a job in NADRA. The closing date for the recruitment is 24 July 2022. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. Please note that no TA will be given. You must bring your original documents to the interview.

If you are a Pakistani citizen and want to work in the government sector, NADRA is the place to be. As a government organization, NADRA has a high number of job openings in Karachi, and there are several of them in July 2022. The job opportunity is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some and can be the start of a great career path.

It has a regional head office in Karachi

NADRA is currently hiring candidates for various posts at its regional head office in Karachi. The positions available are Drivers, Deputy Assistant Directors, Supervisors, and Deputy Executives. The recruitment process will take place on 17 December 2021 at 9 AM in the NADRA Headquarter in Karachi. Candidates should bring their original documents or certified copies along with proof of residence. The interview process will last for approximately one hour.

The organization is based in Karachi. Its Regional Head Office has offices in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, and Multan. The office provides employment opportunities to individuals from all over the country. NADRA also holds seminars to further its mission. In 2010, it hosted its ninth ID World International Congress. This conference was attended by over 28,000 participants from more than 80 countries.

In Karachi, NADRA maintains sensitive databases. It issues computerised national identity cards and child registration certificates. Its mandate is to secure national identity of Pakistanis. The organization has over 16,000 employees, five hundred and sixty registration centers across the country, and thirteen offices abroad. Its regional head office in Karachi is a prime example of its international reach. Its regional head office is the best place to contact NADRA if you have any concerns regarding identity security and privacy.

The National Database Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (NADRA) is a government-run agency that regulates civil registration databases. Its Karachi Regional Head Office is the largest employer of job seekers in Pakistan and has offices in most major cities. The company recruits hundreds of thousands of candidates each year and has offices across the country. Jobs in NADRA include junior executives, Data Entry Operators, Supervisors, Coordinators, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, stenographers, and more.

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